Serdar Anbar

Ortaokul İngilizce Öğretmeni


I lived in a seaside village till 12 years old.We used to make a living pruning off linden trees and selling sundried blossoms.Dad was a fisherman and he owned a fishingboat.Bayleaf harvest was a traditional way of making money in Autumns. However the province I live in is mostly famous for its chestnut a forest of which covers a huge part of our village,our district has the great chance to be a home to the largest linden forests of TR.Now I am also proud to say that We have a pretty factory to dry bayleaf and this contributes much to residents octupling their profit.During my childhood I made friendship with our farm animals and pets as I was alone living at the edge of a hill.I consumed homemade kinds of cheese,butter,milk,skimmings,yoghurt and enjoyed sipping my tea -being a member of a family who took refugee from the province in Black Sea Region meeting the dominant percentage of the country need for tea- watching the loaded vessels crossing the horizon of Marmara from Bosphorus to Dardanelles and wondering the sight of Hare Island which lacks human existence.I remember the days I expected dad's return home saving himself from swelling sea in storm.I remember the school kids who were keen on playing with toy boats loading them with pieces of anchovy nets and sliding on their wooden slidecars through the plastic wheels they assembled getting from hoards of fishing nets as they function as floats to keep the net on the surface of sea during the hunt.I had many friends who were the boat crew.Some were able to observe and distinct the kind of hunted fish by their shimmering from kms afar.I heard the intelligence spreaded around my circle of friends related to which boat hunted what kind of fish and how many pairs or amount and how much they profited.Autumns were special as We went to the forest to collect falling autumn leaves as a comfort for farm animals from cold and hard concrete surface when we spreaded them over the base of barn.The mountain paths covered with varying colors of falling beech leaves are one of the sights I most admire.Bear shelter that I visited on the way back to village from town is important being the single one in TR.The existence of a longos forest in the same point have lately been explored in a sense of beauty.It is the fourth biggest in the country.- I was recruited to military in 2011 and performed military duties in Kastamonu/Gölköy and Kars/Kağızman being a sergeant in Gerdarmerie Support Team.


Education: Ankara University Faculty of Letters English Language &Literature Hacettepe University Education Faculty ELT and ES Certificate Program Experience: Turkish Ministry of Education-State Schools-English Teacher